How to send your conversion rate through the roof


How to send your conversion rate through the roof

Traffic is one thing, but sales is another. What lies in between is conversion – getting people on your site to commit to buying your product or service. It is not rocket science, but does take a bit of knowledge. here’s our expert guide.

If your site generates high traffic, aim to establish multiple tests along stages of your sales funnel.  If you are still building your audience, you will be limited to week long tests for 52 weeks of the year and thus 52 variables involved in selling.  If your sales cycle runs for two weeks, then you have half those opportunities again.  This is why it is important to prioritise what you want to scrutinise.

As things change all the time and some businesses have limited traffic, it’s also useful to realise that split testing may be a waste of time for you, given they may only offer a snapshot.  A single conclusive test may not significantly change your business as much as a series of well-organized tests.

Best Practices and Innovation

In fact, it is fair to say that the best way for you to convert is to employ best practice at all points of contact with your potential customers.   Being seen to be employing new technologies and tools to distribute information and facilitate easy transactions is as much a feature of your site as quality of informational or entertainment content delivered.

For instance, do you offer multiple methods to checkout?  Can you be contacted via a ‘click to call’ telephone number? Do you have an on-site ‘live-chat’ facility? Are all your ways to be contacted highly visible, e.g. through a floating sidebar of social media icons, for instance?  Do you offer user-friendly apps to facilitate consumption of your content or to use your software? Do you offer a newsletter subscription via a contact form?

The point of your online presence is to make the transition from first impression to sale or booking as easy as possible, whatever preferred platform or device your audience uses.  Adoption of innovative technologies is an on-going process and crucial to create the impression of professionalism.  It is the kind of content that sends subliminal messages about why you are the ‘go-to’ company for your niche.


  • Adding a ‘Share this [special offer] and get  ‘X’ reward to Thank You pages after a sale can dramatically increase leads and sales, as recommendations from social media and email connections are valued.


  •  Be aware that pop ups that appear when leaving a page don’t work as effectively as scroll pops on content, when readers are more receptive.  Ensuring relevance of pop up windows to the content currently being enjoyed will further boost conversions


  • Whatever content you upload to your website, seek out free or cheap plugins to automate processes and cut down work e.g. Google Analytics key or e.g. WordPress plugins such as Yoast.  Ensure e.g. Opt-In Boxes are working and linking to appropriate Squeeze Pages or resources.  Irritating broken links undermine your credibility.

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